lunes, 24 de julio de 2017


This is beeing written at Monday July 24th. It is 4 am at the morning,

Currently, I am watching Netflix's Girlboss and I must say: I'm loving it. It makes me feel alive in a curious and interesting sort of way, like I'm having an adventure. It makes me realize that I'm not lost... not anymore. I've find my way through life and, finally, I'm working the hell of it.

I'm not perfect, of course. Obviously, I still in pain, I still fighting and I didn't embrace myself completly.... not yet, but I am in process to become someone else: a better version of me.

I think I am witnising that thing most people call HOPE and it feels good.


PS: I apologize if so, my english is not that good as I wish.

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  1. Qué precioso escrito, me gusta como te expresas en inglés. En cuanto a girlboss, me la recomendaron bastantes amigos y ahora me han dado ganas de verla. Un saludo.


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